DISCLAIMER: Clients always want to know the ultimate question, “Will you win my case?”
While the Ohio State Bar does not allow attorneys to guarantee a result we can detail our past successes.
Below we tell the stories of some of the cases we are proud to have won. Please be aware of a couple of things:
The case results discussed do not necessarily represent the results of all cases.
Not all cases that we have handled are listed here.
While the facts below may seem similar to the facts of your case, the total circumstances of every case are different and we must evaluate each and every case on its own merit

Criminal Case Results

2019 Criminal
Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed
No Incarceration for Vehicular Manslaughter
Child Endangerment Charges Reduced
Criminal Mischief Charges Dismissed
Assault Charges Dismissed
Client in Immigration Process has Marijuana Charges Dismissed
Burglary Charge Reduced, Young Defendant Given Diversion
Probation Given in High Profile Sex-Offense Case
Man Found Not Guilty of Attempted Murder by Reason of Insanity
Obstruction Charge Dismissed and Sealed
College Athlete has Fictitious ID and Underage Drinking Charges Dismissed

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2018 Criminal
Education Major Avoids Felony Drug Convictions
Public Intoxication Dismissed for Engineer
National Celebrity Wrongfully Charged has Charges Dismissed
Aggravated Menacing Charges Dismissed
Felony Theft and Identify Fraud Charges Dismissed
Nurse Avoids Incarceration on Felony Charges
High School Teacher Receives ILC to Avoid Felony Weapons Conviction
Child Worker Found Not Guilty of Assault and Child Endangering
While in Heated Custody Battle, Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed
Felonious Assault Charge Dropped to Misdemeanor Offense
Marijuana Charge Dismissed
Felony Improper Handling Indictment Dropped to Misdemeanor
Robbery Indictment Dismissed in Spite of “100%” Identification
Rape Charges Avoided After Grand Jury Presentation
Pharmacy Technician Avoids Drug Conviction in Union County
College Student Gets Diversion on Felony Assault on Officer
Man with No Record Avoids Felony Gun Conviction
After Initial Denial, Man Gets ILC on Felony Gun Charge
Airport Disorderly Conduct Dismissed
After Tragic Car Chase, Felonious Assault Charges Dismissed for Plea to Lesser Charges
Sex Offense Reduced to Disorderly Conduct
Assault Reduced to Minor Misdemeanor
Obstruction Charge Dismissed
Disorderly Conduct and Open Container Charges Dismissed

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Archived Cases
Man Found Not Guilty of Vehicular Homicide
Prosecutor’s Mistake in Trial Leads to Directed Verdict of “Not Guilty”
Drug Trafficking Indictment Dismissed After Suppression Hearing
Husband and Father Avoids Criminal Charges
During Child Molestation Investigation
Rape Investigation Ends With No Charges Filed
Officer avoid Assault & Agg Menacing Convictions
Domestic Violence Charges Dropped
Federal Production of Child Pornography Client Avoids Life Sentence
Federal Drug Trafficking Conspiracy with Terrific Result
CCW charge dismissed after constitutional violation is found
Jury finds man found not guilty of felony gun offense
Appellate court overturns convictions
Felony sex charges avoided
Drug charges dismissed after illegal entry onto property
Off-duty officer found not guilty of assault
Rape Charges Dropped to Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct and Trespassing Offenses
High School Student Gets Misdemeanors After Five Count Felony Indictment
Woman charged with soliciting found not guilty
Officer found not guilty of unlawful restraint
Woman with gun acquitted of child endangering
Nanny found not guilty of child endangering
Delaware Woman's child endangering case dismissed
Jury finds man not guilty of menacing and domestic violence
Mandatory Prison Sentence Avoided with Reduced Charge

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